Elevators used for the transportation of goods and people are the most commonly used vehicles in daily life and have a high risk of danger. Therefore by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in 2008 Elevator Maintenance and Operation Regulation It has been published. The elevators that are put into service should work without causing any danger to people's property and life safety. This regulation sets out all rules for operation, maintenance, periodic inspections, warranty conditions and after-sales services of elevators. Briefly liftsmust be inspected two years after first commissioning and once every year thereafter. Otherwise, the elevators are sealed and closed for use.

Another legal regulation related to elevators is the Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions for the Use of Work Equipment issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Law. This regulation, work equipment in the workplace, including the use of elevators, during use, health and safety in terms of minimum requirements. According to this regulation, lifts carrying people and cargo must be inspected at least once a year unless another period is given in the relevant standards.

Annex, Annex 3 Maintenance, Repair and Periodic Inspection Related Issues, additional human and load-bearing elevators, Lifting and forwarding tools showed in the group. These inspections and inspections must be carried out by mechanical engineers, machine technicians or high technicians. In addition, since the elevators are equipped with an electronic control system, the persons who are authorized in the fields related to electricity should be involved in the inspection and control works. Neither inspection nor inspection nor reports issued by unauthorized persons shall be valid.

In the controls to be carried out, the provisions of Elevator Regulation and Elevator Maintenance and Operation Regulation and the following basic standards are taken into consideration:

  • TS EN 81-3 + A1 Lifts - Safety regulations for construction and assembly - Part 3: Electrical and hydraulic service lifts
  • TS EN 13015 + A1 Maintenance of elevators and escalators - Rules for maintenance instructions
  • TS ISO 9386-1 Power-driven lifting platforms for handicapped people - Safety, dimensions and rules for functional operation - Part 1: Vertical lifting platforms
  • TS ISO 9386-2 Power-driven lifting platforms for mobility-impaired people - Safety, dimensions and functional requirements - Part 2: Power-driven stair lift for moving users, standing users and wheelchair users in a tilted plane

The TÜRCERT certification body provides conformity assessment, certification and training services, while providing testing and inspection services. Do not hesitate to apply to the experienced managers and employees of the TÜRCERT certification body in order to get more information about the inspection and controls of the elevators used for the transportation of goods and goods.