Providing customer satisfaction for the institutions providing translation services is not easy compared to other organizations operating in the service sector. Since this is a foreign language, customer satisfaction is more prominent in this respect with the confidence factor. Of course, there is continuity of work. The business relationship with customers will gain a continuity after the trust element has been created. Therefore, the translation work should be completed within the promised time and the translation should be of quality and quality to meet the expectations of the customers.

ISO standards, such as the ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard, is a standard for setting up and improving the quality of products and services offered to customers. These standards are applicable to many sectors. But on the other hand, standards that are tailored to the service are easier to implement and more suitable for companies that provide services. One of these different service areas is translation services, and organizations that provide this service need different standards.

Based on this need, there have been many initiatives in Europe to prepare an international quality standard in the translation sector. For example, UNI 10574 standard in Italy, ÖNORM D 1200 and ÖNORM D 1201 standards in Austria, Taalmerk Standard in the Netherlands and DIN 2345 standard in Germany are prepared for this purpose.

European Business Association (EUATC) has started work to develop a special quality standard in 1999. It's unity translation companies and some national associations. Based on previous standards, this Union has set a new standard in 2003. The European Committee for Standardization (CEN), then, published the EN 2006 Translation Services Management System standards in May of 15038.

These standards are an improved quality standard for translation companies. A large number of translation companies are now establishing the EN 15038 Translation Services Management System in order to provide better quality service to their customers and to cooperate with them and to prove that they have fulfilled the requirements of this standard. EN 15038 Translation Services Management System Certificate It is located. Although the ISO 9001 Quality Management System standards worked for the translation companies to produce quality services, but now they are not enough. EN 15038 standards is preferred.

EN 15038 Translation Services Management System Certificate is a translation-specific quality management certification that is provided by certification bodies independently and on-site inspection. This internationally accepted certificate is also sought as a criterion in the European Union tender specifications.

Turkey attempts made by the Association of Translation Companies 15038 end MOST Translation Services Management System is certified by the Turkish Standards Institute. The standard TS EN 15038 was published in April of 2009 as the Translation Services Service Features. The aim of this standard is to determine the service quality conditions to be followed by the companies providing translation services. Interpreting services are not covered by this standard.

Translation services are not an area where legal regulations are easily applied. Therefore, customers are hesitant about the competence of the service providers and the quality of service they provide and they cannot make an easy decision when making a choice. For this reason, the translation companies with EN 15038 Translation Services Management System Certificate have created an international trust in the eyes of customers.

The fact that a translation work is of good quality means that the translation has been made without error and has preserved its meaning without changing its meaning in the original text. Companies that have this certificate make their customers believe that their services are perfect.

For translation companies, to work efficiently, to be focused on performance and to achieve sustainable success, but not to EN 15038 Translation Services Management System thanks to.

The most important source is the people who provide translation services. The EN 15038 standard specifies the skills and characteristics that should be available not only for the people who will do the translation work but also for the people who work as corrections and supervisors.

There are countless benefits for the translation and implementation of the EN 15038 Translation Services Management System. But the biggest benefit is creating trust in customers. Customers believe that the translation company has the necessary conditions for service quality and employee competence.