For today's competitive conditions, customers are now more important than their predecessors. The increase in the number of products due to the increase in the number of companies and the developing technologies has led to the increase and increase of the expectations of the customers who are protected by the law.

In order to survive, organizations must keep their existing customers at the same time to win new customers in order to be able to sustain their businesses and to maintain the value of their brands. The way to do this is customer happiness creating.

In order to create customer satisfaction, it is necessary not to create an opportunity for customers to complain, to resolve possible customer complaints quickly and to get ahead of the repetition.

These processes need to be designed and implemented in order to address and resolve customer complaints effectively and efficiently, and to create customer satisfaction. As long as an organization produces goods or services in line with customer expectations, it will not cause a complaint. But in the nature of the job, there is always the ability to satisfy the customer. For this reason, by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to ensure the establishment and development of longer and more productive relationships with existing customers, ISO 10002 Customer Complaint Management System standards are set.

To be able to implement these standards, a customer-oriented system that is open to feedback needs to be established. There may be positive statements about the goods or services produced within these feedbacks as well as complaints. The ISO 10002 Customer Complaint Management System stipulates the fulfillment of the commitments of the top management to resolve each complaint submitted by customers and improve the service provided to customers.

In fact, the concept of customer satisfaction is directly related to the field of activity of the organization. In general terms, it is an indication of how the products or services offered to customers are met by the demands and expectations of the customers. The more negative this result Customer dissatisfaction will increase and customer dissatisfaction will cause complaints.

It is unthinkable to have organizations without customers. Then, organizations that can measure the satisfaction level of their customers and understand the reasons of customer dissatisfaction and analyze the future of customer expectations in the future will be able to survive.

It is also very important for organizations to retain the existing customer as much as acquiring new customers. According to the surveys, the cost of holding nine existing customers is almost equal to the cost to earn a new customer. Therefore, current customer satisfaction comes to the fore.

In addition, only three customers from each of the ten customers share nine customers' dissatisfaction and complaints while sharing their satisfaction with the organization or with others. This shows that customer satisfaction is not easy to measure. But it is easier to measure customer dissatisfaction.

After the establishment of an ISO 10002 Customer Complaint Management System in an enterprise, ISO 10002 also supports customers to prove this situation to their customers. Customer Complaint Management System Certificate will also take. Through this document, the organization will show its importance to customers. This will also give the organization competitive power in the market. The organization will increase its image and reputation in the face of its competitors.

The Customer Complaint Management System is a useful system in terms of showing the customers how to follow the road from customer complaints. Thanks to this system, the awareness of the employees will increase and the efficiency of the organization will increase. But the biggest benefit of this system is that the cost of holding existing customers will decrease.

All organizations that care about their customers, who want to listen to them and please them, see their customers as the reason of existence. Customer Complaint Management System it is possible to establish and obtain documents. There is no sector constraint or magnitude constraint on this issue. It is a management system that can be established and operated by companies of all sizes no matter what kind of activity.

Many of the organizations that are innovative and trying to be different are getting the creative ideas they use in their product or service designs from their customers. In order to be successful, we need to listen to our customers in a healthy, orderly and careful manner. In the business world where competition conditions are so severe, no organization has the luxury of losing customers. ISO 10002 Customer Complaint Management System is an important effort in this respect.