Hygiene is the most important issue in food-producing organizations. Organizations that produce goods or services in the food sector need to be extremely careful in this respect. Being healthy is the basic right of everyone. The most important factor threatening health is food products. Therefore, food products are reliable in terms of health, people's greatest expectation. In this respect, food-producing organizations are responsible for this.

Food safety In other words, when it is produced in accordance with the intended use of food, when consumed by people, it will not cause a health problem, do not hesitate to harm people. Food safety systems are the systems that ensure that they are safe in the way food is produced and put into use. The expression of the food chain in these systems also refers to all the various processes of a product from the field to the table to be eaten. In short, in the production of foodstuffs, starting from the field, preparation, processing, production, packaging, storage, transportation, distribution and finally all of the stages of the market is called the food chain.

The subject of the food is such a sensitive issue that it is not possible to reach the correct result by analyzing some of the produced goods or services. There is a need for a more systematic method involving all stages of production. Based on this need, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system was designed first (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). This system, which is called as HACCP in short, is a systematic and logical system to meet the expectations.

But in the 2005 when the subject gains a larger dimension with globalization International Standards Organization establishes the standards which must be complied with in foodstuff sector for more safe and healthy food production. ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systemhas introduced.

Food-producing organizations also want to establish a Food Safety Management System in their enterprises to prove that they produce in accordance with hygiene conditions at every stage of production.

Food Safety Management Systemis an international standard and has emerged to create a safe food production chain worldwide. This system aims to communicate with producers, consumers, suppliers, legal authorities and other related organizations and thus to ensure that food can be monitored at every step. This system to ensure food safety at all stages along the food chain also includes the HACCP principles.

The HACCP principles are based solely on the production stage of food production. The HACCP Certificate applies only to manufacturing companies. It is not an ISO standard, and the HACCP system is not internationally accredited. After 2006, HACCP Certificates have lost their validity and the organizations having this certificate have started to return to ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System standards.

Food security is one of the most important issues in the integration studies with the European Union.

ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety Management SystemIn this way, it is a set of standards that define all of these activities in order to carry out hazards analyzes on food and identify critical control points and to manage processes related to them and to establish a quality management system.

With these standards, it is also demonstrated that an organization complies with all relevant legal regulations on food safety.

When an organization establishes the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System in order to establish a standard order in its production activities, ISO 22000: 2005 through a certification body Food Safety Management System Certificate You can get. Since this document will demonstrate that the organization is producing at international standards, it is easier for the organization to trade all over the world. Consumers' taste, confidence and preference increase because the organization ensures that a reliable food reaches consumers. Losses during production are reduced. Measured improvement in the quality of goods and services is achieved. The organization's superiority over other competitors increases.

Organizations that have obtained ISO 2200 Food Safety Management System Certificate can easily obtain ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate if they wish. Both systems have many similar standards on the basis.

1 ISO 2005 Food Safety Management System published on September 22000; is an international standard established to create a safe food production chain worldwide.

The establishment of ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System during the installation phase is much more challenging than many other standards in terms of documentation studies and infrastructure installation work. It is not a necessity to take this document, but the prestige that it will bring to the organization cannot be discussed.