Road and traffic safety are taken seriously more seriously in the transportation sector today. Especially in the public sector, the number of companies interested in improving road safety is increasing. Deficiencies in driver skills or problems caused by behavior or perception are important factors affecting road and traffic safety.

A number of consultancy firms provide consultancy services on technical skills to assess driver performance, unfair license and fraud prevention methods, driver risk supervision and security auditing. These services also support the dissemination of culturally best practices in driver training and road safety. They try to expose the perceptions of the use of vehicles and problems related to the transportation sector.

highways traffic Safety it is also an important problem in terms of public health and development. The purpose of traffic safety is to search for possible problems and solutions that arise during the interaction of vehicles with the environment and human and to develop methods for these issues.

All over the world road and traffic safety and safety investigations on traffic accidents. According to this, 3200 people lose their lives every year in a number of incidents in 1.2 million people. 30-40 million people are injured or injured every year in these accidents. 2.1 of people who die every year in the world die in traffic accidents. Traffic accidents are among the causes of death 11. ranks.

90 of deaths from road traffic accidents occur in low and middle income countries. Most people with bicycles, two-wheeled motorists, people traveling in public transport and pedestrians die in this level of income.

Half of deaths from road accidents occur in Southeast Asia and Western Pacific countries.

When we look at these data in general, it is seen that deaths from traffic accidents are more common in underdeveloped and low education countries.

These statistics reveal another truth. If the necessary arrangements and studies are not made, the traffic safety problem will grow exponentially. According to the predictions of those who are experts in traffic, 2020 is one of the reasons that caused death in the 11 year. traffic accidents will be in third place. In countries with low and middle income levels, these deaths will reach 83. At the high income level, the percentage will drop by 27.

However, there are other serious consequences caused by traffic accidents. On the one hand, traffic accidents have a cost burden on the country's economy and on the other hand, it imposes a considerable burden on health expenditures.

However, traffic accidents can be prevented if a well-planned road and traffic safety strategy is followed.

ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management System standardsIs a standard prepared by the International Standards Organization, Technical Committee for road and traffic safety. These standards are expected to be implemented in institutions where road safety and traffic systems are in the position of increasing traffic safety and reducing the number of serious injuries and deaths in traffic accidents.

The work on these standards started in February 2008 and was first published as an international standard in October of 2012.

ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management Systemis applicable to public and private sector organizations responsible for road and traffic safety. In this respect, any organization wishing to establish, develop, implement and maintain a road and security system may want to feel the security of this system by using the ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management System standards.

In this process, the organization will analyze and evaluate the number of traffic accidents and the number of people killed or injured in these accidents. These figures will provide continuous improvement in road and traffic safety.

Road and traffic safety in our country is a very complex problem where many branches of science intersect. Therefore, scientific and detailed studies are needed. But traffic safety has not been dealt with scientifically so far. In addition, the decisions of the big cities regarding traffic safety are taken and implemented without serious planning and technical examination. Therefore, ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management System standards fill an important gap.