It is the activity of certifying that the services of the Tourism Sector are adequate in accordance with a certain standard or separate documentation. 

Quality, Environment, Food Safety, Occupational Safety, Social Responsibility, Energy Assurance System is the whole of the works aiming to gain the improvement activities, sustainability, satisfaction and satisfaction of the customers and to provide service at the most economical level in the sector.

Our certification standards are HOTEQ500, Star Certification and ISO Series standards.

It is the only comprehensive standard in the fields of Tourism Hotel Management, Accommodation, Touristic Management etc. The emergence of the standard is with the aim of the customers to receive quality, healthy and food safety services and to prefer environmentally friendly businesses. It is based on the fact that Tourism and Hotel Management activities become social, cultural and economic events. HOTEQ 500 Standard is a service standard designed for Tourism Sector Hotel Quality, Environment, Health and Food Safety Applications. This standard does not have an international validity problem, it gains validity before the customer. It is aimed to highlight the commitment of organizations to be made for customer satisfaction and satisfaction and to declare it to the customer.

7 STAR Certification activities are the activities of the organizations according to all system standards, management principles, policies, procedures and activities, management and continuous improvement and development practices.

7 YILDIZ Certification activities are determined by registration and registration of organizations in compliance with business management standards. It is satisfying domestic and foreign tour operators and firms that the determination and registration of these standards implemented by the Tourism Organizations are given with the full scope of certification and competent inspections. As a result of this satisfaction, it provides returns and gains to organizations.

7 YILDIZ Certification provides some advantages and benefits to the Organizations in the Tourism Sector. 

Some of these Benefits;

Increase in profitability and productivity, increase in market share, dominance of competitiveness power and cost sale prices, globalization and business reputation gains, enterprise discipline, speed of institutionalization change, system adaptation, corporate growth, winning the technology and system up-to-date capabilities, satisfied customer, sensitive business and many other elements that we cannot count as prestige are in the form of contributions to tourism business.

7 YILDIZ Certification will be a very important value and draw a new route to the sector in order to obtain the prestigious organization structure and tour operators' effective preferences in the tourism sector.