HOTEQ 500 Hotel Quality Management System standard is a service standard developed for tourism industry, hotel quality, environment, health and food safety applications. The main feature of this standard is that it is valid from the customer point of view. It is important that customers are satisfied with the service provided and their satisfaction increases. Otherwise the HOTEQ 500 Hotel Quality Management System does not have a problem with international validity.

The emergence of this system, customer satisfaction and satisfaction in terms of tourism hotel management, tourism management, accommodation and other areas of the commitment to the promising of the organizations that operate and to declare it has been effective. This is the most comprehensive standard available in these fields of activity.

HOTEQ 500 Hotel Quality Management System standards In the determination of customers' healthy, high quality and food safety principles, service expectations and environmentally conscious organizations are taken into consideration.

The fact that tourism revenues and tourism revenues are an important resource in the tourism sector and that the hotels, accommodation facilities, touristic enterprises and similar institutions operating in this sector should be more effective in social, cultural and economic terms.

With the global economies, the world's shrinking in a sense has required a number of trips both inside and outside the country, and along with the business trips, the touristic journeys started to be made more than the previous years. As a result, the question of how hotel classifications on the world should be compared is being questioned more by the public and private sector authorities. Upon these developments, ISQ initiated a study on this subject. ISQ is a private and independent organization established in 1965 that provides testing, inspection, training and technical consultancy services. This organization provides solutions to its customers from all sectors to ensure that the products and services they produce comply with environmental, quality, health and safety standards and legal regulations.

Developed by ISQ HOTEQ 500 Hotel Quality Management System The aim of the standards is to understand the relations between the businesses and customers serving in the tourism sector and to facilitate the proper delivery of services. Thanks to these standards, customers will be provided with a conscious selection while receiving tourism services, while firms in the sector will also have a service that has the potential to meet customer expectations and increase customer satisfaction.

HOTEQ 500 standards Thanks to its high quality service, the performance of the companies providing creative services and solutions will increase and the operational risks will decrease. In this way, the companies will develop their infrastructure and ensure that the equipment, processes and services are in compliance with standards and legal regulations. The quality, security, environment and social responsibility of all organizations serving in the tourism sector will be increased.

HOTEQ 500 Quality Management System is the most basic requirement of the Quality Management System. In order to establish the Hotel Quality Management System and to implement the standards of this system, the company must have established and managed the Quality Management System.

The second basic requirement of HOTEQ 500 Hotel Quality Management System is the Environmental Management System. The fact that tourism enterprises do not harm the ecological system on the one hand and prevent the harmful practices in terms of human health depends on a proper environmental policy practices.

Hotels, accommodation facilities, hostels, holiday villages, all kinds of touristic businesses and similar organizations operating in the tourism sector, after establishing the HOTEQ 500 Hotel Quality Management System and operating in accordance with the standards of this system for a certain period of time, HOTEQ 500 Hotel Quality Management System Certificate They can get. It is sufficient for them to apply to a certification body.

In addition to providing a better quality, healthy and safe service to their customers, the organizations that have this certificate have proven their activities with a document. This creates a significant competitive advantage in the tourism sector. Customers have made a more informed choice in this way. On the other hand, the owners of these documents have increased their potential to meet customer expectations. This results in increased performance and more revenue.

Above, we have stated that HOTEQ 500 Hotel Quality Management System does not have an international validity concern and what is important is customer satisfaction and satisfaction. For this purpose, HOTEQ accommodation and hospitality fairs are organized from time to time.