The globalization of food trade and the rapid development of the food sector have led to more modern methods of food production and distribution. Food and feedstuffs are made by different methods than before and are sent to very remote points in a very short time.

On the other hand, a number of systems are being developed to ensure food safety. FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System has been designed to provide food safety in many areas from agricultural production processes of foodstuffs to packaging, storage and transportation processes. The content of the FSSC 22000 standard is as follows:

       1.     Scope

       2.     Cited standards

       3.     Terms and definitions (food safety, food chain, food safety hazard, food safety policy, end product, flow chart, control measure, prerequisite program, operational prerequisite program, critical control point, critical limit, monitoring, correction, corrective action, validation, verification, update

       4.     Food safety management system (general requirements, documentation requirements)

       5.     Management responsibility (management commitment, food safety policy, planning of food safety management system, responsibility and authority, food safety team leader, communication, emergency preparedness and response, management review)

       6.     Resource management (provision of resources, human resources, infrastructure, working environment)

       7.     Safe product planning and implementation (general, prerequisite programs, primary stages of hazard analysis, hazard analysis, preparation of operational prerequisite programs, creation of HACCP plan, update of initial information and documents specified in OGP and HACCP plans, verification planning, traceability system, non-compliance control )

       8.     Validation, verification and improvement of food safety management system (validation of general, control combination combinations, control of monitoring and measurement, verification of food safety management system, improvement)

In addition, the FSSC 22000 standard includes the following substances and five additional items in the ISO 22000 standard:

       1.     of buildings Structure and layout

       2.     Working areas, placement of buildings and attachments

       3.     Auxiliary facilities (air, water and energy resources)

       4.     Support services such as waste and sewage

       5.     Equipment suitability, cleaning and maintenance

       6.     Management of purchased materials

       7.     Precautions to prevent cross-contamination

       8.     Cleaning and sanitation applications

       9.     Pest control

    10     Employee hygiene

    11     Reprocessing processes

    12     Product recall processes

    13     Storage processes

    14     Informing consumers

    15        Food defense applications