For companies operating in the food industry and pharmaceutical industry sectors, which are mainly related to human health, it is most important to prevent or minimize the possibility of pollution of the products they produce from internal and external sources. Ministry of Health, from time to time with the laws, regulations and announcements are trying to take all kinds of measures in this regard. The products must always be manufactured to the specified conditions and standards.

The European Union Good Manufacturing Practice System (Good Manufacturing Practices, GMP) applications, the 2010 began with the acceptance of the Cosmetic Regulation. In all Member States and Candidate Countries, organizations that produce cosmetics are obliged to comply with the provisions of this Regulation. Our country has also started this practice. Accordingly, for the products to be produced and exported both in our country and for cosmetic products to be exported and exported from foreign countries. GMP Certificate It is being sought.

GMP Good Manufacturing Practice System, products such as pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics and medical instruments that affect directly the health of human beings in the desired conditions and systems and to the distribution of the product from the beginning to the production stage to increase the reliability of all processes.

The Turkish Standards Institute provides GMP Certification services by the Certification Department of the Chemical Sector affiliated to the Product Certification Center.

Turkish Standardization InstituteTS EN ISO 22716 / 2013 Cosmetics, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), organizes documents within the scope of the Guidance on Good Manufacturing Practices in case of demand of companies serving in cosmetic sector both inside and outside the country.

If the producers who want to obtain the documents for their products are entitled to receive the documents at the end of the production and the inspections on the products, products and products they produce, GMP Good Manufacturing Practice System Certificate They can get.

The GMP Good Manufacturing Practice System ensures that not only the production and distribution conditions of the product, but also the quality in all aspects of the products, the entry into production as raw material, the processing, the design, production, packaging, storage and distribution of the product, ensures that all stages comply with the specified standard.

GMP Systemis the basic quality approach for a healthy production in the food and pharmaceutical industry. It deals with manufacturing companies not only with employees, but only with all aspects of the products. The place of production, the relations with the environment, the machines and equipments used, the production processes, the qualities of the employees and the properties of the raw material used determine the quality and reliability of the all-in-one product.

The GMP Good Manufacturing Practices System, which includes production activities especially in the pharmaceutical and food sector, was later adopted as a cosmetic law, and the detergent and cleaning products were included in the cosmetic category, including the cosmetics industry.

As can be seen, GMP Good Manufacturing Practice System is concerned with production in one aspect and quality control in other aspects. Therefore, the requirements of the system can be explained as follows:

  • All production processes should be reviewed and clearly identified. Products should always be produced according to the required standards.
  • Changes to critical steps and processes involved in production processes must be approved.
  • All facilities for the Good Manufacturing Practice System should be provided. For example,
    • The staff should be qualified and trained.
    • Production facilities should be suitable for production.
    • There should be suitable machinery and equipment for production.
    • The right material should be used in production.
    • Work flow guidelines and application instructions should be prepared.
    • Suitable storage areas should be provided for the products and transport should be done with the right methods.
  • Employees must be trained to comply with workflows and application guidelines.
  • Records should be kept at the time of production indicating that the activities are carried out according to the workflows and application instructions and that the products are of the expected quality.
  • Deviations in production must be recorded.
  • Records kept must be accessible.
  • The distribution of products must be done in a way that is free from any risk that may affect their quality.
  • When the products are requested to be recalled for any reason, an order should be established that allows this.
  • A system should be established to meet future complaints about products on the market.

As a result, the companies that set up and run GMP Good Manufacturing Practice System have significant advantages. First of all, the firm gains reputation in the market, its prestige rises and it gains competitive advantage. On the other hand, since its activities have entered a standard and are in compliance with the necessary legal regulations, it is always prepared for the inspections of the Ministry of Health. At the same time, production costs decrease and gain an advantage in global trade.