Cosmetic is a statement that covers the products and treatments and treatments that people use to look more attractive or to resolve their appearance problems. According to the history of cosmetics, it is seen as old as human history.

CosmeticsAs they are related to health with one side, the production stages and the selection and use of raw materials and auxiliaries used in production are extremely important. In this respect, people need to be produced in certain standards in order to use them safely.

The reliability of cosmetic products has always been a matter of concern to manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and legal authorities. This situation became even more serious as the number of products and the number of firms engaged in production increased. At various times, numerous standards have been prepared to ensure the reliability of cosmetic products, whether locally or internationally.

ISO 22716 Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice System It has emerged from such a need and has been prepared by the International Standards Organization (ISO) and published in 2007 for the purpose of meeting the specific needs of the cosmetic industry and for use by the cosmetic industry. These standards will shed light on the cosmetics and personal care products sector.

Cosmetic products directly affect human health. Therefore, cosmetic products must be produced under reliable conditions and standards. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), to ensure the production of effective and reliable products, Good Manufacturing Practice standards developed. These standards provide guidance on the conditions under which pharmaceuticals, food, medical devices and similar products, including cosmetics, should be produced.

The most striking feature of the ISO 22716 Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice System standard is that it focuses on GMP, Good Manufacturing Practice standards, which are widely used in pharmaceutical and food industry companies.

The ISO 22716 Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices System introduces a comprehensive Quality Management System approach to the production, testing, packaging and similar stages of cosmetic products.

This system is very easy to install and comply with the requirements of the company. However, the manufacturer companies are turning to this system in order to meet the customer demands both locally and globally.

Companies manufacturing cosmetic and personal care products that meet the ISO 22716 Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice System standard can have a say in local and global markets and expand their customer portfolios.

ISO 22716 Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice System specifically for GMP standards designed for cosmetic products and for demanding organizations ISO 22716 Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices System Certificate It is organized.

These international standards have also become mandatory with new cosmetic regulations. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of the regulations and to benefit from the advantages of certification, companies operating in this sector establish ISO 22716 Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices System in their businesses.

The requirements of this system are based on the human factor affecting the product quality, as well as recommendations for the management of some administrative and technical issues. These standards are prepared to monitor the processes at various stages, from the production of cosmetic products to the delivery.

In cosmetics sector, there are many multinational companies operating in the field of production and marketing in our country. In addition, there are many manufacturers with large production capacity. Besides large companies in the market, there are also small and medium sized companies that produce organic, natural and natural additives.

It is a necessity for the companies that give cosmetic products to the market to register to the Ministry of Health and to report for each product they produce. A significant number of these companies have ISO 9000 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificates.

The cosmetic legislation published in 2005 was prepared in accordance with the requirements of the European Union. The cosmetic regulations that came into force in 2013 have made it necessary to apply the ISO 22716 Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices standard. According to the provisions of this regulation, cosmetic products, the label, the description of how to use it and the information given by the manufacturer company, taking into account the normal conditions used in cosmetics, human health should not harm.

As a result, ISO 22716 Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice System, GMP, Good Manufacturing Practices standards It has been prepared on the basis of which is intended to ensure that cosmetic products are used without concern for health.