It is called internal installation measurements and inspections, not only factories, but of all sizes, production facilities, hospitals or office buildings, and all the components of electrical installations of buildings of different types and sizes. In this context, production machines, electrical networks and UPS sources, main distribution panels and auxiliary distribution panels, fuses, switches, leakage current relays and connected cable systems are controlled.

In a sense, the internal installation measurements of a factory are like the x-ray of the electrical equipment of the factory. Electrical installation weak spots that may cause malfunction. The detection of these points in the installation prevents the failure of the machines or machines used and prevents the electrical installation from causing a fire. Naturally factory interior installation performing periodic inspections is an important part of occupational health and safety. In this respect, deficiencies that can cause problems are reported and the necessary measures are taken in a timely manner.

factories internal installation measurementsThanks to the fact that the report was prepared, the report can be used as a detailed exploration report in the revision works to be carried out in the electrical installation. At the same time, in case of a fault in the factory, by using the internal installation report containing all details, it is possible to intervene more quickly.

Periodic inspection of factory interior installation, Occupational Health and Safety RegulationAccording to Turkey, it is one of the examinations which should be carried out regularly every year. In this way, the owners have fulfilled the obligation on electrical periodic controls.

Periodic inspections of the factory interior installation include the following points within the factory:

  • Electrical main distribution board and auxiliary panels
  • Fuse Boxes
  • Mains and UPS sockets for machines, office buildings and electronic devices
  • Static points, such as compressors, generators and hydrofoil pumps
  • Lightning protection and lightning protection systems

All these points are examined according to the criteria in the regulation, measurements are made and the report is prepared. These reports contain information about each electrical connection point, fuse and switchgear in the factory and office areas of the factory.

The legal arrangements of the measurements, inspections and inspections to be carried out are as follows:

  • Worker's health and work safety Regulation
  • Regulation on Grounding in Electrical Installations
  • Electrical Internal Facilities Regulation
  • Regulation on High Current Plants

These inspection and inspection work must be done by authorized persons. Otherwise, neither the inspection nor the controls nor the reports they will issue will be of value.

TÜRCERT certification body, as well as conformity assessment and certification studies, testing and inspection services also gives. TÜRCERT certification body is ready to meet the needs of the enterprises with its experienced managers and employees if they need to have more information about the periodic inspection of the factory internal installation or to have these examinations and inspections.