In particular, it is not possible to remove the mains water to apartments in tall buildings due to the low water pressure. In this case, the booster is needed to increase the pressure of water pump systems. The hydrophore systems working with electricity operate by absorbing the water stored in one place in accordance with the desired pressure and flow characteristics according to the calculations to be made according to the height of the buildings and the number of apartments.

Briefly hydraphoresis used to meet the pressurized water need of houses, business centers, hotels or social facilities. When the booster is installed to provide water continuously at the desired pressure, the calculations are correct and the booster pump and pressure tank pressure tank The right choice should be made. Consequently, a booster system consists of components such as a booster pump, booster pressure tank, booster pressure switch, booster electric panel, manometer.

The most important part of these parts is the pressure tank. This is because misuse of the tank or defective or faulty tank can cause unwanted explosions.

In order to create a safe working environment for booster, errors, deficiencies or errors must be identified in advance. This can be achieved by controlling the processes at every stage from the production of booster to its use, from regular maintenance to periodic checks. On the one hand, it is also important to carry out periodic inspections and to inspect them as important as the inspection of the producers.

Therefore, the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 and the Regulation on the Health and Safety Conditions of the Work Equipment issued on the basis of this law obliges the pressure booster tests to be performed for the protection of human and property safety. In the article entitled Kap Pressure Vessels and Installations hid of the Regulation, hydrophores are included in the group of compressed air tanks. The booster pressure tanks must be tested at least once a year unless another time is specified in the relevant standards.

To do booster pressure testsmust be performed by authorized test and inspection institutions or laboratories. Otherwise, the reports to be edited will have no value. These reports are also valid for audits to be carried out by the auditors of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

The following standards are taken into consideration in pressure booster tests:

  • TS 1203 EN 286-1 Tanks - Simple - Non-flammable - Pressurized - Designed to store air or nitrogen - Part 1: Pressure tanks for general purposes
  • TS EN 1012-1 Compressors and vacuum pumps - Safety rules - Part 1: Air compressors
  • TS EN 13445-5 Pressure receptacles - Non-contact - Section 5: Inspection and testing

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