SCIENCE Technical Certification Inc. acts according to certain principles and principles in the system establishment studies, inspection and certification studies, inspection and test studies in which it operates. The principles and principles that SCIENCE has are:

  • To be impartial

TÜRCERT, which is respectful to its employees as well as for its institutions and organizations, operates with a neutral approach far from being biased. This principle applies not only to the current employees but also to the employees and covers the written statements and commitments of all employees.

  • Be transparent

SCIENCE informs all institutions and organizations that it provides services or offers, about the features, benefits, possible risks of the products and services they offer, and the rights and obligations of the parties.

  • To be meticulous in choosing employees

SCIENCE avoids practices that will lead to unfair competition in the selection of personnel it will add to its staff. In accordance with the current legal regulations, there is a contract and freedom of movement in personnel recruitment, but it still tries to recruit personnel without interrupting the services of other organizations. It also tries to be honest and sincere while giving the information requested by other organizations to the employees who have worked before.

  • Avoid unfair competition

SCIENCE acknowledges that there is a freely decided and standards-compliant competition between all certification bodies operating in the conformity assessment sector. For this reason, as a company, it first considers its own interests, but in the meantime, it strives to ensure that the trust in the sector is continuous, to contribute to the development of the sector and to protect the common interests, and avoids attitudes and behaviors that will create unfair competition.

  • Be honest

SCIENCE primarily tries to be honest in all its activities, whether it is inspection and certification, inspection and tests or the establishment of management systems, in its relations with the institutions and organizations it serves, its stakeholders and other certification bodies.

  • Be Reliable

SCIENCE approaches the institutions and organizations it serves in every field in which it operates, with an understanding of mutual trust. It provides clear, understandable and accurate information on its services and transactions, in a timely and complete manner.

  • Quality service

SCIENCE strives to provide quality service in all areas it serves, within the framework of national and international standards, legal regulations and European Union directives. At the same time, it takes care to cooperate with other certification bodies and official authorities in the sector when necessary.

  • Receiving customer complaints

SCIENCE establishes a system independent of the management to receive, examine, evaluate and conclude the complaints and suggestions of the institutions and organizations they serve.

  • Establishing healthy relationships with official organizations

SCIENCE acts in accordance with the principles of transparency and honesty in its relations with public institutions and organizations. In accordance with the law, it delivers the information and documents requested for inspection and control purposes, accurately, completely and on time.

  • To be sensitive to the environment

SCIENCE considers the social benefit in all its activities, acts sensitively to environmental problems, and supports social and cultural activities.