IRCA consists of the initials of the organization, whose English name is International Register of Certified Auditors. This organization is based in the UK and operates as an association of professional auditors. IRCA is a much larger organization than similar organizations and is highly recognized all over the world. Management systems auditors strengthen their hands when they receive certification from IRCA, the world's oldest and largest certification body.

Organizations all over the world are aware of how important management systems play an important role in controlling operational risks and creating value for the organization. These organizations rely on their talented managers to improve efficiency and reliability and to evaluate the performance of their management systems.

IRCAWas established by the UK government in 1984. The aim of the establishment is to make the organizations more competitive thanks to the quality principles and practices. The structure, including the IRCA, carries out accreditation activities (UKAS), national standards (BSI standards) and numerous commercial certification activities. The basis of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard used today is the BS 5750 standard.

IRCA has gained a great reputation for its honesty, added value for its organizations and good practices. Assessment and certification methods developed and used by IRCA, other certification bodies was used as an example model. Since 1984, more than one million auditors have participated in IRCA trainings. IRCA is represented in more than 120 countries.

The mission of the IRCA is determined as follows:

·         Improving the performance of auditors worldwide

·         In this way, to instill confidence in accredited certification bodies

·         Combining the IRCA name with honesty, good practice and added value created

·         To introduce audit work as a valuable profession

·         To determine the criteria to be followed by its competitors in the sector and to provide an excellent management service to its stakeholders

·         Develop standards for auditors and auditor training

·         Make the IRCA certificate acceptable to all interested organizations and persons worldwide

·         To promote good practices in audit activities

The IRCA offers two different services:

  • Certification of auditors in management systems

These studies are attended by consultants who assist in the establishment of the management systems that companies want to establish, certification bodies according to ISO 9001 Quality Management System or other management systems, internal auditors assigned within the company or external managers and quality managers in the organizations.

  • Approving and certifying auditor training organizations

IRCA approves not only the Quality Management System, but also the auditor training institutions on Environmental Management System, Occupational Health and Safety Management System, Information Security Management System, Food Safety Management System and other similar issues.

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