Under normal conditions of use, compressors should be checked daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or similar. These inspections should be carried out by the manufacturer's authorized services or by employees assigned by the company as recommended by the manufacturer. Control methods are also described in the relevant standards. All kinds inspection and control operations and maintenance and repairs must be recorded. All recorded information should be kept regularly and displayed by authorized persons whenever requested.

Periodic inspection and control of all air tanks and compressors is a requirement of the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331. According to the Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions of Work Equipment issued pursuant to this law, the article entitled Pressure Vessels and Installations accepts compressors in the group of compressed air tanks. Periodic inspections of portable or stationary compressor air tanks and any containers containing compressed air and their stationary equipment are to be carried out at least once a year, unless otherwise stipulated in the relevant standards.

In practice, this statement is misinterpreted and only periodic control of air tanks is performed and compressors are periodic check-up is not mandatory. However, this evaluation is wrong. As is known, the compressors have pressure sections with safety valves on them. It is therefore essential to check whether the compressors are operating properly at the set pressure ranges.

Compressor pressures 1,5 times the operating capacity, unless otherwise specified in the relevant standards. However, these pressure tests must be carried out by mechanical engineers, machine technicians or high technicians. Their information should also be recorded in the electronic system of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

The standards to be considered in the compressor pressure tests are as follows:

  • TS 1203 EN 286-1 Tanks - Simple - Non-flammable - Pressurized - Designed to store air or nitrogen - Part 1: Pressure tanks for general purposes
  • TS EN 1012-1 Compressors and vacuum pumps - Safety rules - Part 1: Air compressors
  • TS EN 13445-5 Pressure receptacles - Non-contact - Section 5: Inspection and testing

Pressure tests During operation, it is absolutely necessary to observe that the compressors are out of operation in order to prevent damage to workers and the environment in the event of a possible explosion. If it cannot be put out of operation, the compressors must be kept in a different explosion-proof section. In addition, if two and more compressors are used and they reach the air tank with a single pipe, each compressor must have a non-return valve at the outlet.

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