Generally, tower cranes used to remove and transport materials with high heights vary depending on their application areas. Peak tower, top tower or self-winding tower cranes has. Some cranes can be lifted by a hydraulic climbing system. They can stand at a certain height, or rise with it due to the rise of structures.

Tower cranes have a simple operating system. It's not a wonder of technology. Nevertheless, the construction industry has been using at an increasing pace for many years. In addition to cost and time savings, it has become the lifeblood of the construction sector in terms of creating a safe working environment. Moreover, they are easy to install and dismantle.

In terms of their functionality, a single tower crane may be sufficient for multiple buildings in a certain area. It eliminates all difficulties in the transportation of heavy loads and accelerates the construction activities.

The load of the crane at maximum distance must not exceed one tone. Tower crane the higher the higher the probability of tipping. Therefore, tower cranes should not be used in the wind. Also, after a certain height, the operators should not go to the tower top. The tower body is the most suitable area to lift the load. Heavy parts are usually carried near the hull.

Tower cranes also have mobile models but are not preferred. Concrete is filled into the pits that open to the ground and reinforced with mats and fixed to the ground.

The dangers described above human health ve employee safety is quite serious. Annex of the Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment, issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (Annex 3 Maintenance, Repair and Periodic Controls), towers, Lifting and forwarding tools group. Therefore, tower cranes must be inspected and inspected at least once a year.

These checks and inspections must be made by authorized persons. In other words, it must be checked by mechanical engineers, machine technicians or high technicians. Otherwise, reports issued by persons other than those who are counted are not considered valid.

The Regulation also cites the standards that should be considered during these controls:

  • TS 10116
  • TS EN 280
  • TS EN 818-6 + A1
  • TS EN 1495 + A2
  • TS EN 1709
  • TS EN 12079-3
  • TS EN 12927-7
  • TS EN 13157 + A1
  • TS EN ISO 13534
  • TS ISO 789-2
  • TS ISO 3056
  • TS ISO 4309
  • TS ISO 7592
  • TS ISO 9927-1
  • TS ISO 11662-1
  • TS ISO 12480-1
  • TS ISO 12482-1
  • FEM 9.751
  • FEM 9.752
  • FEM 9.755
  • FEM 9.756

TÜRCERT certification body, as well as conformity assessment and certification studies, testing and inspection services also gives. TÜRCERT certification body is ready to meet the needs of the enterprises with its experienced managers and employees, if they need to obtain more information about the periodical inspection of tower cranes or to have these examinations and controls.