The logo, trademark and documents of TÜRCERT Technical Control and Certification Inc. can only be used by institutions and organizations that have been successful in the certification works carried out by TÜRCERT.

TÜRCERT acts in accordance with the following standards:

  • TS EN ISO / IEC 17030 Conformity Assessment - General Conditions for Third Party Conformity Signs
  • TS EN ISO / IEC 17021 Conformity Assessment - Terms for Organizations Providing Audit and Certification of Management Systems

The institutions and organizations that have passed the certification audits successfully can use the logo given by TÜRCERT by meeting the conditions, rules and requirements related to these standards. TÜRCERT also delivers a copy of the documents and logo usage instructions of the relevant accreditation bodies to the institutions and organizations which are entitled to receive the documents.

The use of TÜRCERT, its logo and brand does not mean that TÜRCERT shall be responsible for the activities of the institutions or organizations which are the holder of the certificate. In question logo and documentshall not be used in the departments or affiliates of organizations that are not covered by the document.

TÜRCERT logois not a product certificate. Therefore, it cannot be used on products, on product test reports and on inspection reports. However, the product may be in a package or box. The document holder can use the logo on the cardboard, cardboard or similar packaging of the products, together with a statement explaining that this document belongs not to the product but to the management system. For example, this product may be used in accordance with the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System standard, or according to the GMP Good Manufacturing Practice System standard and manufactured in our facilities.

The document owner institutions or organizations can use the logo in advertising and promotional materials, brochures, flyers and catalogs. They can also be used on letterheads, invoices and official documents.

The use of the TÜRCERT logo is shown more clearly in the table below.


Logo usage

On product

Large boxes used for transportation of products etc. over

Advertising brochures, etc. over

Without description




With Description





The institutions or organizations holding the document can play with the dimensions of the logo while keeping the aspect ratio constant. However, it is not suitable to be used more prominent and in the foreground than its own logos.

The TÜRCERT logo can be used on vehicles, buildings, signs or flags. It is also possible to use it on business cards and promotional materials, but it is required that the surveillance periods are continuously completed.

TÜRCERT may want to find out where the logistical institutions and organizations use the logos, brands and documents. In this case, the organization has to meet this demand.

Document holder institutions and organizations are obliged to stop the use of the logo if the validity period of the certificate expires or if the certification contract is suspended or canceled.

Document holder organizations must comply with the provisions of the Logo Use Instruction within the validity period of the document. Otherwise, TÜRCERT may apply for legal remedies.