It can be used for hanging and moving on a line passing through a straight or curved vertical plane and moving with electric motors. monoray crane It said. In principle, they are used to carry loads on a straight or curved line. In industrial monorail cranes, steel ropes are generally used in chains and chains are used. Chain-type monorail cranes are compact and smaller in structure, with small tonnage and are generally preferred for transporting loads up to three tons. In extremely hot environments, chains are more preferable than steel ropes. Steel ropes can carry the same load in a much smaller size, quieter and more smoothly than the chain. In addition to this, it can also be loaded with much higher loads and higher loads. monorail cranes are more convenient.

In order to avoid any health risks for the employees, regular inspections of monorail cranes must be carried out as they carry both heavy loads and electricity.

In addition to the Annex 3 Maintenance, Repair and Periodic Controls in the Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment, published by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, monorail cranes, lifting and forwarding tools group.

Accordingly, in the relevant standards, if not otherwise specified, the monorail cranes shall be capable of safely lifting and suspending at least the 1,25 solid of the declared load. Monorail cranes must also have a load-resistant and sufficient force load brake. These points are always looked at during regular inspections.

Regular inspections of monorail cranes are carried out by mechanical engineers, machine technicians or high technicians.

According to the Regulation on Health and Safety in the Use of Work Equipment, monorail cranes must be inspected at least once a year, if not otherwise specified in the relevant standards.

The regulation in question shows the standards that should be considered during these controls:

  • TS 10116
  • TS EN 280
  • TS EN 818-6 + A1
  • TS EN 1495 + A2
  • TS EN 1709
  • TS EN 12079-3
  • TS EN 12927-7
  • TS EN 13157 + A1
  • TS EN ISO 13534
  • TS ISO 789-2
  • TS ISO 3056
  • TS ISO 4309
  • TS ISO 7592
  • TS ISO 9927-1
  • TS ISO 11662-1
  • TS ISO 12480-1
  • TS ISO 12482-1
  • FEM 9.751
  • FEM 9.752
  • FEM 9.755
  • FEM 9.756

When starting inspection, the previous inspection reports of the monorail crane are examined. Previously determined non-conformities must be eliminated. The monorail crane is then inspected visually. Then the electric mechanisms and mechanical controls of the monorail crane are made. The next step is the functional controls of the monorail crane. Dynamic and static checks are performed in unloaded and loaded cases.

The TÜRCERT certification body provides conformity assessment, certification and training services, and also provides testing and inspection services. Please do not hesitate to contact the TÜRCERT certification body, experienced managers and employees for more information and inspection of monorail cranes.