The conditions under which the test and inspection organizations shall meet are specified in the Regulation on Conformity Assessment Bodies and Notified Bodies issued by the Ministry of Economy in 2012. The purpose of this regulation is to clarify the qualifications required by organizations that conduct conformity assessment studies and examine whether a product complies with the relevant technical regulations and certifies it. At the same time, to regulate the location of the relevant notifications made in accordance with Turkey's international obligations and the working methods of these organizations.

This regulation is based on the Law on the Preparation and Implementation of Technical Legislation on Products 4703.

According to the provisions of the Regulation, conformity assessment bodyincluding calibration, testing, inspection and certification of products conformity assessment activities. Authorized bodies, on the other hand, are the public authorities that are authorized to prepare, implement and supervise the legal regulations for a product or product group by law or by a regulatory process.

The minimum qualification requirements of conformity assessment bodies are set out in the relevant directives and regulations or, if there is a regulatory procedure for assignment, without prejudice to the provisions of this regulation.

The qualifications and working methods of conformity assessment bodies can be briefly described as follows:

  • Conformity assessment bodies are responsible to the competent authority that assigns them for their activities under a technical regulation.
  • Conformity assessment bodies are transparent, provided that they comply with the principles described in this regulation and the related technical regulations. impartial and independent service must give.
  • Conformity assessment bodies are obliged to provide services without discrimination during their activities and without placing their customers under unnecessary obligations.
  • Conformity assessment bodies have to keep all kinds of documents and records related to their activities and submit them upon request. The retention period shall be ten years from the date on which the records are issued, otherwise, if a period is specified in the relevant technical regulation.

The activities of the conformity assessment bodies are also under control. The competent bodies should ensure that the conformity assessment bodies they technical regulations and monitor whether they continue to meet the qualifications described in the ile Corporate Governance Principles ile, whether they have fulfilled their responsibilities and whether they continue their activities in accordance with the conditions foreseen.

If a non-conformity of the conformity assessment body is detected during these surveillance activities, its activities may be temporarily restricted or suspended by the competent authority. If the nonconformities identified are not remedied within the time limits described in the relevant technical regulations, the competent authority may stop the activities of the conformity assessment body for a certain period of time or completely.

Accreditation of conformity assessment bodies in our country TURKAK Operate.

TÜRCERT conducts inspection and test studies in addition to conformity assessment, certification and training activities. TÜRCERT is ready to provide all kinds of services with its experienced managers and employees if further explanatory information is required.