The pallet trucks are also one of the forklift trucks. Manpower (manual pallet truck) or engine powered (motorized pallet truck) models are available. There are two forks in front of the pallet trucks and the loads placed on these forks are lifted by a hydraulic system and transported horizontally. pallet Trucks manufactured to carry loads. Sudden turns when overload can cause accidents. Also, pallets which are suitable for transplants should be transported with this vehicle. The carrying capacity of the pallet trucks can be different. Loading above the load capacity, improper loading, improper handling of pallet trucks or use of motorized pallet trucks by unqualified persons may cause accidents.

On the other hand, in terms of the protection of the employees as well as the responsibility of the employer in an accident, maintenance This obligation was put by the Occupational Health and Safety Law. The first person to be responsible for unexpected accidents is the employer. For this reason, it is a necessity and safety condition to carry out perrorical checks of pallet trucks.

Test and inspection organizationsfirst, you will want to see past inspection reports of pallet trucks. Before starting the inspection procedures, the old trolleys must be removed. After this pre-control, general controls of pallet trucks are made. No-load and loaded function tests are performed. If no non-conformance is detected, a conformity report is issued. However, at the end of the inspection procedures, if there are points that are not suitable for occupational health and safety, suggestions regarding how to correct them are also included in the report. The report also states that it is not safe to use the pallet truck before the nonconformities detected. In this case, the pallet truck cannot be used until the nonconformities have been corrected. A second examination is carried out after the shortcomings are eliminated and if the result is positive, a second report explaining how the deficiencies have been eliminated and which can be used safely until the next examination of the transponder is issued.

The Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment, which was published by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, explained what control periods are based on the types of machines used in the workplaces, and which criteria and standards will be used during the periodic checks. Accordingly, pallet trucks must be inspected at least once a year if no other period of time has been stipulated in the relevant standards. The main standards that are taken into account during the controls are:

  • TS 10689 Stability stackers and pallet stackers
  • TS EN 1757-2 Safety in industrial vehicles - Pedestrian controlled vehicles - Part 2: Pallet transporters
  • TS 10201 ISO 3184 Stackers - Transportation and pedestal type - Stability tests
  • TS ISO 6055 High-lift pallet stackers - Overhead protectors - Feature and experiment

TÜRCERT certification body provides certification and training services as well as specific technical services to the demanding companies. In this context, experienced inspectors and employees of TÜRCERT certification body will be with you for regular inspection of pallet trucks and other inspection services.