Labor and Use of Work Equipment issued in 2013 by the Social Security Department of Health and Safety Requirements According to the Regulation, 6331 No. Occupational Health and Safety in all workplaces within the law the scope of all business equipment they use during their activities are obliged to make regular checks.

The regulation in which intervals should be performed and which methods should be used are explained in this regulation. In the regulation periodic controls refers to testing, testing and testing of work equipment at specified intervals, with the specified methods and by authorized persons.

Employers are responsible for ensuring that the work equipment used at work is suitable for the work to be done. It must also take all necessary measures to ensure that these equipment do not damage the health and safety of employees.

According to the regulations, employers will be used work equipmentWhen choosing, it must take into account the specific working conditions in the workplace and the potential hazards to health and safety and ensure that the use of this equipment does not pose any other danger. Nonetheless, if employers are unable to ensure that work equipment is completely safe for workers in terms of health and safety, they must take measures to reduce the potential hazards to an acceptable level of risk.

In the annex of the regulation, minimum requirements for work equipment are explained. Employers are obliged to ensure that their work equipment meets these minimum requirements.

These regular inspections of work equipment are carried out by inspection and testing organizations. In accordance with the provisions of this regulation regular checks The authorized persons are required to register their information to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in an electronic environment. The declaration here is essential and the Ministry gives them a registration number. During the registration, the name, surname, TC, the school and the work equipment to be inspected are given to the authorized persons to perform regular checks.

If the Ministry investigates this information and it is understood that the information is not correct, the registration of these persons shall be deleted and announced on the website of the Ministry. These people cannot re-report before the end of three years.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security is authorized to bring and apply accreditation, authorization and training requirements to the persons and organizations that will regularly conduct inspections.

Regular inspectors arrange reports after the check process. These control reports must carry a registration number. Control reports that do not have a registration number or that are not correct in the report are considered invalid.

Where regular inspection reports are deemed invalid:

  • The periodic control report on work equipment with periodic checks is carried out if the information is false.
  • The periodic control is made by persons who do not comply with the criteria in the regulation.
  • Periodic check-up If unsuitable test and test methods are used.

If these conditions are detected, periodic control reports are considered invalid. In the meantime, the records of those who edit this report are deleted. 

TÜRCERT carries out periodic inspections of work equipment together with conformity assessment, certification and training activities. For more information on periodic inspections and inspections, or for the inspection and inspection of equipment at the workplace, TÜRCERT may apply without delay.