In hot water boilers, the operating pressure of the boiler is the pressure required for the operation of that boiler. The construction pressure is about ten percent higher than the operating pressure. This pressure is generally taken into account in strength calculations. Hot water boilers steam boiler is not. Steam boilers are thought to be more efficient than hot water boilers. However, when used correctly, hot water boilers can be more efficient than steam boilers. From two boilers with the same heating surface, hot water boilers produce more heat than steam boilers.

There are many different hot water boilers in practice. In general, they vary depending on the material used, the general form and the heating methods used during manufacture: such as cast iron boilers, steel boilers, standard boilers, low temperature boilers and condensing boilers. There are also hot water boilers, solid fuel boilers, liquid fuel boilers and gas fired boilers depending on the type of fuel used.

Cast iron boilers are used in the production of hot water and low pressure steam. Steel hot water boilers TS 497 Boilers - Steel material (welded) is within the scope of the standard.

Steam and superheated water boilers are TS 377-12 EN 12953-12 Cylindrical boilers - Part 12: Part of the standard for specifications for grate combustion systems of solid fuel fired boilers.

Hot water boilers, issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment Regulations, Annex 3 Maintenance, Repair and Periodic Inspection Issues in the annex, Pressure Vessel and Installations titled Article.

The principle of hydrostatic tests is generally adopted in the periodic inspection and control of pressure vessels and hot water boilers. These tests must be repeated at least once a year. During the tests, if there is no contrary provision in the standards, 1,5 times the operating pressure is applied in hot water boilers. However, if it is not possible to perform hydrostatic testing by taking into consideration the characteristics and conditions of the facility where hot water boilers are used, non-destructive testing methods specified in the standards may be applied instead of hydrostatic testing. In this case, this situation shall be indicated in the reports to be prepared after the inspection and controls.

Periodical inspection and control of hot water boilers must be carried out by mechanical engineers, machine technicians or high technicians. Furthermore, their information should be recorded electronically in the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. If this is not observed, neither the inspection and control procedures shall be valid nor the reports issued shall be of value.

The TÜRCERT certification body, on the other hand, offers conformity assessment, certification and training services. testing and inspection services also provides. Do not hesitate to contact the experienced managers and employees of the TÜRCERT certification body in order to obtain more information about the inspections and inspections of the hot water boilers.