Impartiality and independence are the basic principles in all activities of SCIENCE Technical Documentation Inc. Acting on this principle and with a sense of responsibility, SCIENCE felt it necessary to make a declaration of impartiality, which is explained below, to the institutions and organizations it serves.

  • As a requirement of its correct working principle, SCIENCE will protect the information and documents it has as a result of its activities, in a secure and confidential manner, regarding the institutions and organizations served.
  • Within the scope of its audit and certification studies, SCIENCE will not disclose the details of any system, method, process, idea, technical features, figures, in short, any private information and documents announced by the institutions and organizations it serves.
  • SCIENCE will act impartially and independently, free from any commercial or other pressure, in its activities carried out in the institutions and organizations to which it provides inspection and certification services.
  • SCIENCE will not apply any commercial, political, financial or other pressure to any of its employees working in the institutions and organizations it serves.
  • As an organization, SCIENCE itself or its employees may not engage in any activity that would conflict with the independence of the decisions taken during the audit and certification activities and the accuracy of these decisions.
  • SCIENCE, examination and certification studies in the event of any compliance or nonconformity decisions, it shall be based on objective results in order to ensure and maintain confidence in its further activities, and shall not exhibit any behavior taken by other beneficiaries or other persons.
  • SCIENCE, inspection and test workthey will not be involved in any activity that will create conflict with their independence and accuracy. It will not design, produce, install, supply, buy or maintain the particular condition or products inspected.
  • SCIENCE will keep an equal distance from all existing and potential institutions and organizations requesting certification. It will treat them all the same and apply the same processes.
  • SCIENCE has established and is implementing an organizational structure sufficient to fulfill all its obligations regarding audit and certification activities.
  • The fact that organizations requesting certification work to pay a fee to TÜRCERT does not mean that they are entitled to receive the relevant document. This situation is reported to the company requesting documents at the stage of contract.
  • SCIENCE has analyzed all the risks that may affect the audit and certification services it provides, and necessary measures have been taken for the factors of another institution or organization that will affect the employee staff or the impartiality of the audit team.
  • SCIENCE undertakes that it has not provided consultancy services to the institutions and organizations to which it will provide or provides audit services, and that it has not been involved in any activities for these organizations in the last three years.
  • SCIENCE will not engage in consultancy activities for certification studies. TÜRCERT will not provide consultancy services regarding the notified body, inspection and certification activities, and will not carry out consultancy and certification activities together outside this scope.
  • SCIENCE can organize training programs open to everyone on various management systems. However, it will not provide management system training specific to the institutions and organizations it serves.

SCIENCE. (Dr. Cr. Head)