The most important function of lighting in work environments is to make the work done well. Besides, illumination comes at the beginning of the physical conditions necessary for the protection of the health of the employees. In terms of enlightenment, work efficiency is negatively affected in working environments, work fatigue is increased and most importantly, work accidents are increased.

According to the nature of the work done lighting need change. In general, illumination is provided either by natural means or by artificial means. The importance of natural lighting is increasing in today's green buildings, where energy savings are important. The preferred approach to office architecture today is the use of natural light.

Daylight has much more light power than artificial lighting. It is also known that sunlight has positive effects on people. The illumination intensity in the shade on a sunny day is worth the luxury of the 10.000. However, artificial lighting provided in working environments lighting intensity The average 500 is around luxury.

In accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Law, it is a must to carry out lighting measurements in working environments. The intensity of light to be determined must be in accordance with the standards and between the highest and the lowest limits. Lighting intensity measurementIn order to determine the suitability of the light intensities provided by the firms in the business environment. Workplaces need to be properly illuminated depending on the sector and operating conditions.

Sufficient illumination of work environments directly affects work life. The first condition of the employees to be productive is the level of enlightenment of the environment. The level of illumination is of great importance. For example, it is extremely important in terms of high productivity and safety in production facilities. White collar directly affects the level of attention of employees in working environments. In the retail sector, the image quality of the products on the shelves affects the consumer satisfaction. Enlightenment has a great role in health institutions in terms of patient psychology.

Test organizations made by lighting level measurementsis carried out by experts in the control of authorized engineers. Luxmeter is used for lighting measurements. The calibration of this vehicle must be carried out by authorized laboratories.

In order to carry out these tests in companies, the lighting intensity measurement points must be determined in advance. These measurement points are determined on the production vehicles in the production facilities and on the work tables in the offices. In other words, the points to be measured are the points to be illuminated for the study. If measurements are carried out during daylight hours, direct sunlight should not be taken to the measurement points. If demanded by companies, measurements are repeated at night.

If the values ​​obtained by lighting measurements are lower than the values ​​required, the company is warned and it is requested to take precautions. These measures may include the installation of additional lighting systems, cleaning of the light sources or a lighter coloring of the work environment.

From a legal point of view, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, working environments should be sufficiently illuminated with daylight. However, in cases where daylight cannot be exploited by the nature of the work or building characteristics of the workplace, adequate lighting should be provided by artificial light. In addition, Generally Recommended Light Severity Table is included.

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