The Ministry of Labor and Social Security issued the Regulation on the Protection of Employees from Noise-Related Risks in 2013. This regulation has been adopted in order to determine the minimum requirements for the protection of persons working in environments with high noise levels from the health and safety risks that may arise as a result of exposure to noise, in particular from hearing related risks.

The lowest exposure action values, the highest exposure action values ​​and exposure limit values these regulations are included.

Employers in their work environment risk assessment With the studies, it is necessary to determine the noise levels to which the employees are exposed and to make noise measurements when necessary according to the results of the risk assessment.

The method to be used in the noise measurement and the means to be used shall be determined depending on the duration of exposure, the nature of the noise to be measured, the environmental factors and the characteristics of the measuring instrument. Noise exposure level In order to determine the parameters such as sound pressure, these vehicles must be able to measure the exposure limit values ​​and exposure action values ​​in the regulation. The results of the measurement and evaluation shall be properly maintained in order to be shown in the inspections of the labor inspectors when necessary.

According to the risk assessment results, the following noise tests are performed:

  • Ambient noise exposure measurement
  • Dosimetric noise exposure measurement
  • Removing a noise map

In ordinary working conditions, the average of the noise that employees are exposed to during an eight-hour period of operation shows the exposure effective values.

Working environments noise levelthe employee's exposure must not exceed the exposure limit values ​​in any way. Although all measures described in the regulation have been taken, if the exposure limit values ​​have been exceeded, the employer must reduce the noise level below the exposure limit values ​​and must take the necessary measures immediately.

In addition, the employer has to review and reorganize the measures taken in order to determine the reasons why the exposure limit values ​​have been exceeded and to prevent this situation from recurring.

These measures may include:

  • Other operating methods with lower noise levels can be selected.
  • Depending on the nature of the work performed, other suitable equipment can be selected which emit the lowest possible level of noise.
  • The working environment can be appropriately redesigned and edited.
  • Employees can be provided with information and training again for the safe and correct use of the equipment used.
  • The noise level can be reduced by technical means. For example, airborne noise can be reduced by shielding, noise absorbing covers and the like. Or it can be reduced by noise, insulation and similar methods emitted by the structural elements.
  • Appropriate maintenance programs can be implemented for working environments and equipment used.
  • Rest periods can be rearranged to change working times.

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