There are an incredible number of microbiological organisms in the air. These cause the products to be contaminated during production and sometimes create big risks. Using products contaminated by microbes can have severe consequences. Air quality is an important factor, especially in the production stages of safe food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic products.

For the detection of microorganisms found in invisible but inhaled air test organizations These microorganisms must be collected by special rotations. With these tests in the air microorganisms microbiological quality is detected and aerated.

The quality of ventilation is low and the value obtained in appropriate environments is low. Test organizations use test kits suitable for the development of all kinds of bacteria, mold and fungus. According to the test results, the number of microorganisms after use of air purifying devices should be significantly lower than the number of microorganisms in the living environment.

Air microbiology testing, ie controlling the burden of microorganisms in the air, has gained importance in food products, cosmetic products and many other areas, especially in health.

The ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System, BRC Food, Food Safety System, Halal Food Standards and HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System standards applied in the food sector require the measurement of the number in a certain volume. This is the same for hospitals, intensive care units and all clean rooms in hospitals. However, Petri box is used for air microbiology tests. Petri dish is a special container used for producing various microorganisms.

Microbiological tests of food products are based on the Turkish Food Codex Communiqué on Microbiological Criteria and the Guide to Hygiene Criteria in Consumption-Ready Foods. International analysis methods such as ISO, AOAC, FDA-BAM, CCFRA, USPh, EPh are used in the analysis.

Microbiological tests of health products are carried out not only for health products but also for the air environment of the production areas of the firms, the materials used and the personnel working in the facility. In the analysis The GMP Good Manufacturing Practice System and ISO 14644 Clean Room standards are based on.

Microbiological tests of cosmetic products are carried out to determine the microbiological quality of the products. In the analyzes, European Pharmacopoeia and FDA BAM Chapter 23 analysis methods are used.

Ministry of Environment and Urbanization issued the Regulation on Control of Industrial Air Pollution in 2009. Air microbiology tests are performed within the scope of this regulation. The major tests are as follows:

  • Gas and dust emissions
  • Speed ​​and volumetric gas flow
  • Special dust emissions
  • Measurement of VOC and other organic emissions
  • Powder tests in outdoor and office environments (PM10, PM2,5 and special powders)
  • Measurement of inorganic and VOC, PAH, PCB and organic pollutants
  • Efficiency tests of gas and dust control systems
  • Scent measurement in pollutant sources and outdoors

At the same time, test organizations can also carry out analysis and measurements based on emission meteorological measurements, dispersion modeling and air pollution control tool design projects.

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