Ambient gas measurements are made to prevent hazards encountered in limited or closed area studies such as mines, wells, tunnels, sewers, silos and similar. The limited space is the areas of storage, silo, tunnel, which are organized as workspaces but not designed as continuous use, with a limited opening for the entrances and exits. The closed area is the area where the entrances and exits are limited and not designed for continuous operation.

There are two types of danger in these areas: atmospheric hazards and physical hazards. Atmospheric hazards are related to the quality of the breathing air in the work areas. Physical hazards are related to the tools used in working environments and the situations encountered.

Measurement of gases usually performed in three stages. The first stage is the measurement of the amount of oxygen in the work environment. Vehicles that measure flammable gases must have oxygen to function properly. Oxygen level if it is low, these tools cannot give reliable results. The second stage is the detection of flammable gases and vapors in the working environment. Because the risk of explosion or fire is a more vital hazard than exposure to toxic gases. The third stage is measurement of toxic gasesd.

In case of insufficient or lack of ventilation systems in the work areas, the air composition required for respiration falls below the vital limit. The reasons can be varied. Biological activities or deterioration of natural substances or structural leaks may cause the formation and accumulation of toxic or flammable gases in the area. This causes the amount of oxygen in the air to fall and the workers are affected. Unconscious drowsiness or sometimes fatal situations may occur. Since some toxic gases are odorless and colorless, their presence cannot be easily understood.

Therefore, it is necessary to test that working environments are safe using appropriate measurement and observation tools. However, the gases are volatile. Therefore, during sampling and analysis, methods and tools appropriate to standards should be used and procedures should be carried out very quickly.

It should be checked by experts in the field whether the working environments are safe for the employees in all kinds of limited or closed area works. Necessary precautions should be taken in time-consuming areas. In special cases, employees should be equipped with appropriate protective equipment and care should be taken to use them.

According to the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Law issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, employers have to protect workers from the dangers and harmful effects of the conditions of the working environment. In order to provide a safe working environment, it is obliged to carry out measurements, tests and analyzes for physical, chemical and biological factors related to the working environment.

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