In 2013, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security published the Regulation on the Protection of Employees from Vibration-Related Risks. This Regulation has been published to ensure that employees are protected from health and safety risks as a result of exposure to mechanical vibrations and to demonstrate the minimum requirements to ensure this. The regulation includes exposure limit values ​​and exposure action values.

Employers in the work environment according to the provisions of the Regulation on Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessment risk assessment and determine the risks arising from mechanical vibration. During the assessment, the type, level and duration of exposure, including intermittent vibrations or repeated shocks, should be considered. Vibration exposure measurementsThe impact of all employees on their health and safety. Another point to be considered when making a risk assessment is the interaction of vibration-generating instruments with the working environment or other means.

Vibration is an expression that describes the oscillating movements that occur in a mechanical system. Theoretically, potential energy is called kinetic energy, kinetic energy is converted into potential energy. Some tools and equipment, some machines cause oscillating movements during operation and cause vibration. Vibrations occur in such vehicles that are generally working and are not well balanced. The number of pulses measured in unit time is called the vibration frequency and is measured in Hertz.

Vibration Exposure Action Valuerefers to the value that requires the protection of working people from the risks arising from vibration. Exposure limit value is the value that should not be exposed to a vibration over this value.

Workers exposed to low-frequency vibrations often experience a slight jolt. However, if exposed to high-frequency vibrations, it may cause a tingling or burning sensation in working people. The effects of vibration on the human body can be physical, psychological, physiological or pathological.

The medical and biological effect of vibration in the body depends on the time and intensity of exposure to vibration. Vibration frequency up to 100 Hz has a significant effect on the human body. The reaction of the body to mechanical vibration is quite complex and not very well known. Nevertheless, it is known that vibration causes deterioration of some tissue structures in the human body, increased oxygen consumption, increased energy consumption, increased respiratory rate, deterioration of perception, impaired heart rhythm, poor performance and disruption of central nervous system.

In order to protect workers from vibration, they must make vibration exposure measurements, provide suitable machines for the work and have machine maintenance done regularly. Unfortunately, in our country, workplace audits do not pay much attention to vibration. The vibration and its effects are not well known and the employees do not complain about vibration.

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