Management systems are critical to the success of businesses. These systems provide the framework of policies and processes that enable businesses to achieve their goals and reduce risks in certain areas. The certification of these systems by a third party acting impartially and independently is extremely important for the future of the enterprise.

SCIENCE Technical Certification Inc., which has been providing many system certification, product certification and conformity certification services for years, will continue its activities in 2020 with the same sense of responsibility. In this way, it will continue to support businesses to increase their corporate performance, operate in accordance with the standards published by domestic and foreign organizations and reduce their risks.

SCIENCE will also continue to meet social responsibility, quality and brand compliance and other special certification demands in 2020.

SCIENCE will focus on seminars and training activities in 2020. It will organize seminars in a number of areas such as existing management systems, production methods, product design studies, environmental compatibility, climate changes and protection of ecological balance, and will provide training in line with the needs of businesses. In this way, while improving the competencies of enterprises, efforts will be made to raise awareness of people and society.

An important goal for the year 2020 will be to support the efforts of local and foreign organizations, universities, professional chambers and large companies to develop standard setting, test and analysis methods and provide a consensus in the society.

In this framework, SCIENCE will continue to develop its services in the following areas:

  • Certification studies on Quality (ISO 9001), Health and Safety (ISO 45001) and Environment (ISO 14001)
  • Corporate risk studies such as information security (ISO 27001), business continuity (ISO 22301), asset management (ISO 55001)
  • Sustainability management activities such as managing natural resources responsibly, limiting carbon intensive activities, increasing traceability of forest and wood products
  • Automotive, space, cosmetics, food, textile, railways and many other industry-specific solutions

In short, SCIENCE will continue to be the leader in its field in 2020, as it has been until today.